A cuisine that celebrates friendship and terroir.

In the heart of the terroir

In the friendly village of Tupin-et-Semons, at Les Gagères restaurant, every dish served is an invitation to a friend's table.

A table where simplicity rhymes with quality, and where every local and regional product is chosen with care, respect and love of the land. You're at home with us, you're at home with us. It's a place to create memories, share laughter and savor the true essence of our region.
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OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 12:00 - 13:45 / 19:00 - 21:30


Awards & affiliations

We wanted to highlight our commitment to quality and sustainability, so we went hunting for trophies that showcase our values, which we are proud to present below:
ECOTABLE 3 Macaroons
FOOD_Credit Antoine Philiber - Restaurant Les Gagères

Reserve your table

Don't miss out on this exceptional culinary experience.
Reserve your table online and share good times with friends and family, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Your plate, a reflection of our terroir, awaits you.
The soul of our kitchen

Our producers and partners

Every dish and glass we offer is the fruit of close collaboration with our dedicated local producers and winemakers. From vine to table, from farm to plate, we are proud to work with passionate artisans who share our commitment to quality, freshness and respect for the environment.

Non-exhaustive list of partners who support us:

Seminars and events

Designed for your business meetings and private events.

In a warm, elegant atmosphere, our private space combines practicality and local charm to make every meeting a memorable one.
Call 07 86 80 26 53

Opening on January 8, 2024

Opening hours

Monday / Friday
12h / 13h45 - 19h / 21h30
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